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Stainless Steel Lacing Anchors (hooks) & Washers

Stainless Steel Lacing anchors ( hooks ) are used for thermal insulation products, like expansion joints and removable-reusable thermal insulation jackets.

Stainless Steel Lacing Anchors & Washers
Lacing hooks with pin

Generally stainless steel lacing anchors and washers are used as accessories for the fabrication of our other products: silicone coated fiberglass cloth, e-glass needled mat, stainless steel knitted stocking mesh and quilting pins.

Stainless Steel Lacing Anchors
Lacing hooks with pins

Material type

SS304, SS316 stainless steel etc..

Lock Washers for Lacing Hooks
Self-lock Round Washers
3 Petals Style Self-lock Washers
3 Petals Style Self-lock Washers

Typical specifications of lacing anchors (hooks) & washers

  • Material: 304 stainless steel;
  • Pin length: 65mm;
  • Pin diameter: 2mm;
  • Hook base diameter: 22mm;
  • Hook base thickness: 1mm;
  • Washer diameter: 25mm or 30mm;
  • Washer thickness: 0.4mm
Lacing Anchors & Washers
Application of Lacing hooks with pins and lock washers
Removable & Reusable Insulation Covers
Customized insulation Covers
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Stainless Steel Insulation Lacing Anchors