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Stainless Steel Strapping

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Stainless Steel Banding

Stainless steel banding has been accepted widely in the clamping field due to its fastness, practicability, installation convenience, corrosion resistance and durability.

We offer stainless steel banding in a full range of widths, any less 15.7" (400mm) can be made to order, and surface is treated with 2B or Bright finish. The material is available in Stainless steel Type 201, Type 304, Type 316 etc..

Stainless Steel Banding

Our banding features smooth and rounded edges to ensure safe handling, and intensify the edges, preventing the strap from being ripped. Stainless steel in a special soft annealed temper to facilitate handling.

Popular size:

  • Width: 1/2"(12.7mm) or 3/4"(19mm);
  • Thickness: 0.015"(0.4mm) or 0.02"(0.5mm)

There are two typical packing: Ribbon wound banding and Oscillating wound banding, as below:

Ribbon Wound Banding

Ribbon wound banding comes as giant coils, that apply to fixing or fastening of big size objects, like the tanks in oil gas and petrochemical industry, thermal or cold insulation layer on large pipes. Also, the consumers in insulation industry can have these giant coils and cut into various lengths per the pipe sizes at job site and make preformed clamps or ties with Mowco wing seal clips.

Ribbon Wound Stainless Steel Banding
Ribbon Wound Banding

Ribbon wound Banding width available

  • 1/2 inch ( ie, 12.7mm );
  • 5/8 inch ( ie, 16mm );
  • 3/4 inch ( ie, 19mm );
  • Or any width over 3/4 inch ( 19mm ).

Inside Diameter of coils available

  • 9.45 inch ( ie, 240mm );
  • 16 inch ( ie, 406mm ).

Size or weight per coil:

  • 33 lbs ~ 66 lbs ( ie, 15 ~ 30 kg );
  • Or, as per request.

Oscillating Wound Banding

Oscillating Wound banding, like Ribbon Wound coils, this kind of package applies to fixing or fastening of big size objects. The difference of the two, is that Oscillating Wound coils can be even larger or heavier, could be double or 3 times of Ribbon Wound coils, and banding in this kind of package does not bounce off due to its special rolling way - Oscillating. This package is very suitable for auto machine operation.

Oscillating Wound Stainless Steel Banding
Oscillating Wound Banding

Oscillating wound banding width available

  • 1/2 inch ( ie, 12.7mm );
  • 5/8 inch ( ie, 16mm );
  • 3/4 inch ( ie, 19mm ).

For any width over 3/4 inch ( ie, 19mm ), we do not recommend to use Oscillating Wound package, but Ribbon Wound.

We make the following coil widths for Oscillating Wound banding:

  • 3 inch ( ie, 76mm );
  • 2.5 inch ( ie, 64mm ).

Inside diameter of Oscillating Wound banding: 16 inch ( ie, 406mm ).

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