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High Silica Needled Mat

High silica needled mats are used as insulation in high temperature applications like heaters, furnaces, foundry devices, exhaust systems, catalytic converters etc. Similar to ceramic fibers, high silica needle mat is used for applications whose temperature is too high for e-glass (650 degrees C and above). However, ceramic fiber should not be used if the high temperature application vibrates. Ceramic fiber blankets will lose much of their thickness and density when the product's shot and short fiber shakes to the bottom of the blanket due to vibration. Silica mats do not have this disadvantage.

High silica needled mat starts where other fiber glass mats have their limits. It is designed to be used in high temperature surroundings of up to 1800 oF (982 oC) continuous heat. It can even last temperature peaks up to 2300 oF (1260 oC).

High Silica Needle Mat

Furthermore the high silica needled mat offers enhanced tensile strength, stiffness, and radar transparency to standard E-Glass mats. Of course it embraces all the benefits of our line such as excellent thermal, acoustic, and electric insulation features, incombustibility, and no decomposition.

MOWCO’s high silica needled mat is available in thicknesses between 1/4 inch and 1 inch.

Property of high silica needled mat:

  • Insensible to high continuous operating temperatures up to 1800 oF (982 oC);
  • Will endure short temperature peaks up to 2300 oF (1260 oC);
  • Higher tensile strength and stiffness than E-Glass;
  • U.L® listed 0-flame spread, 0-smoke generated;
  • Excellent thermal, acoustic, and electric insulation features;
  • Excellent vibration resistance, will not powder;
  • Non-alkaline (<0.01%), low chlorides and fluorides.
High Silica Needle Mat
High Silica Needled Mat

High silica needled mat available (other sizes upon request)

Thickness Density Width
1/4 inch
(6.35 mm)
120 kg/m3 36 inch
(92 cm)
1/2 inch
(12.7 mm)
130 kg/m3 36 inch
(92 cm)
1 inch
(25.4 mm)
130 kg/m3 36 inch
(92 cm)

Chemical Composition of high silica needled mat

Main Element Percentage
Amorphous 96-99%

Data sheet of high silica needled mat

Thermal Conductivity (K = Btu x in / hr / sq.ft. x ft. / deg F)
500 oF
(260 oC)
1000 oF
(538 oC)
1500 oF
(816 oC)
1800 oF
(982 oC)
Temperature Limit
Continuous Use 1800 oF
(982 oC)
Intermittent 2300 oF
(1260 oC)
Melting Point 3100 oF
(1704 oC)
Tensile Strength Of Single Filament (psi)
-310 oF
(-190 oC)
700 oF
(371 oC)
1000 oF
(538 oC)
Average filament diam-eter (μm) 6-9
Color white
Thickness 1/4 inch to 1 inch
(6mm to 25mm)
Density (Depending On Thickness) 9-12.5 lbs/ft3
(144-200 kg/m3)