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MOWCO Industry Limited was founded 17 years ago specialized in thermal and acoustic insulation materials manufacturing and supply, in a wide range that includes calcium silicate, cellular glass, mineral wool, and industrial textiles of woven fabrics, tapes and ropes from glass fiber, ceramic fiber, etc..

12 years ago Mowco started to dedicate to these industrial textiles’ manufacturing, and later invested further processing lines including coating and needled mat manufacturing, along with weaving lines, plus a manufacturing line of metal accessories for the fabrication of removable and reusable insulation blankets, covers or jackets, in order to complete our service system for more and more customers who have the demand for one-stop purchase at best prices from manufacturers and quickest deliveries no matter what quantities, rolls, pallets or containers.

MOWCO Industry Limited

Strong driving force coming from our domestic market in China, such a big industrial developing country, the huge demand for energy-saving and cost-saving, especially when environmental protection and emission reduction turned to enforcement from advocating, we got involved in the business of fabrication and manufacturing of removable and reusable insulation blankets, covers or jackets, to provide with a convenient and form-fitting energy-saving solution for the manufacturer customers who use heating mechanical equipments.

Also, It’s a demand of a long list of our clients overseas who fabricate or manufacture the removable and reusable insulation blankets, covers or jackets, they prefer finished products for common-use sizes or general specifications of common components, and combine them together with coated fabrics and mats on a shipment.