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Removeable & Reusable Acoustic Insulation Covers

MOWCO provides a wide range of removable reusable insulation systems, besides thermal insulation solutions.

The removable acoustic insulation covers designed and manufactured by our experienced engineers and technicians, with the critically selected and tested materials, are able to reduce noise at 20 dB (A) or even more.

Removeable & Reusable Acoustic Insulation Jackets

Any operation environment with noise from fan or exhausting, or any mechanical equipments with fan, silencer and exhaust, is where our removable acoutic insulation covers perform. A long list of our customers are the manufacturers of the mechanical equipments with fan, silencer and exhaust.

We service locally, domestically, and internationally, for a single boiler or a series of projects. We get our engineers to measure at site to bring back data and information to design and manufacture, or we do it according to the measurement, drawings, and photo’s, video’s from clients. And, OEM is a big part of our manufacturing business, we have got a long list of clients of manufacturers or fabricators of removable reusable insulation covers or jackets from Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Kazakhstan, UK, and north and south America.