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E-glass Needle Mat

The E-glass Needle Mat is made of inorganic E glassfiber with the main components of silicone AI O and CaO. It is characterized by heat- resistance, tensile strength, tenacity fireproofing, anti-erosion, and good electrical insulation.The adoption of extreme tiny E glass fibres followed by particular needling leads to numerous thin holes so as to provide heat-insulation and sound-absorbency.

The E-glass Needle Mat can be for application of avigation, spaceflight, seafaring, and attemperator with conduit on heat energy, air condition, chemical, build, also play down engine's noise,and any other occasion which needs heat insulation, fireproofing, acoustic insulation etc.

Density: 100kg/m3-200kg/m3;

Continuous service max.: 650oC.

E-glass Needle Mat
E-glass Needle Mat

Chemical elements of e-glass needle mat (weight %):

SiO2 52~56
Al2O3 12~16
CaO 16~25
MgO 0~6
B2O3 8~13
Na2O,K2O 0~0.8
TiO2 0~-0.4
Fe2O3 0.05~0.4

Heat Insulation for e-glass needle mat (density 180kg/m3):

Temperature(oC) Thermal Conductivity (K Value)
150 0.044
250 0.465
350 0.625

Acoustic Insulation of e-glass needle mat

Frequency Acoustic Insulation Coefficient
125 0.32
250 0.76
500 0.94
1000 0.96
2000 0.95
4000 0.98