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Removable & Reusable Insulation Covers
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Stainless Steel Insulation Quilting Pins

Removeable & Reusable Thermal Insulation Covers

As a provider and manufacturer of removable insulation covers and jackets, MOWCO service teams are trained and experienced to provide clients with most cost-effective solution.

MOWCO manufactures removable and reusable insulation covers, in the form of blankets or jackets, to insulate pipe fittings including pipes, gate valves, globe valves, pressure reducing valves, flanges, tees, elbows, etc., also turbo, extruders, etc.. for steam system and high temperature applications. Our product line includes various sizes of these covers for common components, and also customized products, of high quality, easy to use, and effective. Most of our insulation covers can be removed or replaced in several minutes only. All our covers and jackets are hand-made by trained and experienced technicians.

Removeable & Reusable Thermal Insulation Covers

With the experience in the materials supply and manufacturing for 17 years in the field of high temperature fabric weaving and coating, we know how to select the premium grade materials with lowest cost to fit the applications and maximize the products’ function to best performance.

Our fabricated finished insulation covers, are manufactured in two major ways. One is for common-use sizes or general specifications of common components, like for elbows in 2 inches and 4 inches with a radian value at 1.0D or 1.5D, and for tees in 2 inches and 4 inches, for turbo in T3 and T4, etc., these covers are available in stock for popular sizes. The other way is to provide customized service for any specified part in any type of mechanical equipments where heat loss exists, or heat preservation requires.

Removeable & Reusable Thermal Insulation Jackets

MOWCO’s well trained professional engineers make accurate measurements at site, and quickly pass on to our designing department, for them to custom design in details, to make sure the finished products to fit the specified part of equipment like garments. The performance guarantee of our removable insulation covers and jackets, is also from our experienced manufacturing staff, who hand make our products. Due to the vast experience of our team members in this industry, it’s also a good assistance of our CAD system.

Meanwhile, the capability of our team on designing and manufacturing also enable it a big part of our business to design and manufacture according to the drawings and pictures, photos or videos from customers when a timely on-site measuring by our engineers can not happen due to physical distance or some other reason.

Our removable insulation covers and jackets are easy to use. Either common types like elbow covers, turbo covers, etc.. or most of the specified covers custom-made, can be installed, removed or replaced easily with instructions, or even without. And if required, our installers will install at site.

Removeable Thermal Insulation Covers

The most advantage of our removable insulation covers, along with their energy saving performance, is their convenience on any mechanical equipment to install, remove or replace when installing or in maintenance.

The inside liner of high temperature resistant and specially treated fabric, or flexible knitted stainless steel wire mesh, or woven fabric of fine stainless steel wire, with mechanically-bonded and low thermal conductivity mat core without any binder, and a cover layer of PTFE coated fiber glass or silicone coated fiber glass in special formula, enhance the insulating properties of our removable insulation covers, for their perfect heat reflectivity and durability, with being water and corrosion resistant.

Removeable Thermal Insulation Jackets

We guarantee results of energy-saving for customers’ applications with our removable insulation covers. We provide heat energy survey service and analysis before and after our solution performs. Our pump and valve covers are able to conserve over 90% of heat energy.

As regards service temperature range, our removable insulation covers perform for any application or condition up to 980 Degree Celsius (1800 D.F ) .