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Silica Fabrics
High Silica Fabric

High Silica Fabrics

MOWCO high silica fabrics are made of high purity silica fibers at 96% purity at least, that ensures its continuous operating temperature of 1832°F ( 1000°C ). The distinctive feature of our high silica fabrics is about their good tensile ...
Industrial Silica Fabric

Industrial Silica Fabrics

Relative to our high silica fabrics, we have also developed another kind of industrial silica fabrics, that contains silica fibers at the level of 70% +/-5%. This features our silica fabrics with operating temperature of 1472°F(800°C) ...
High Silica Texturized Fabric

High Silica Texturized Fabrics

High Silica texturized fabrics are plain woven from texturized yarns with a content of 94% silica fibers or more, that ensures its continuous operating temperature of 1832°F ( 1000°C ), and due to its special texturized yarn ...
High Silica Tapes & High Silica Sleeving

High Silica Tapes & High Silica Sleevings

Our silica products are also supplied in the form of tapes and sleevings, at high silica grade ( SiO2 content > 94% ). These products are used a lot for pipeline or hose wrapping for heat insulation or sealing; For protection of ...