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Phenolic Foam Pipe

Phenolic Foam is a highly efficient energy saving insulation material, with low conductivity, fire resistant.

Phenolic insulation pipe has good performance in cold, hot water pipes and petroleum pipes. It is of great advantage in low temperature and cryogenic field.

Phenolic Foam Pipe Cover is constructed of using an outer layer of double sided aluminium for protection, the layer adds durability for high and low temperatures pipelines, and has a resistance against distortions.

Phenolic pipe sections are joined together using a tongue and groove technique to give it a superior thermal seal.

Advantages of phenolic foam pipe

  • Easy installation;
  • Clean and seamless appearance;
  • Space and energy savings;
  • Light weight for handling;

Pipe applications

  • Hot and cold water pipelines;
  • Ethanol plants;
  • Petroleum and chemical transportation pipelines;
  • Food processing plants;
  • For any pipes that require insulation.