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Ceramic Fiber Textiles

The non-asbestos ceramic fiber products are developed as an excellent substitute for ASBESTOS in insulation industry, sealing and refractory, etc.,

Properties of ceramic fiber textiles

  • Light weight;
  • High temperature resistance (continuous up to 1000oC, max.1260oC);
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Good abrasion resistance;
  • Chemical stability.

Suitable for insulating covering, fireproof/ welding blanket, furnace curtain, fuel ducts/ tank protection, cable covers, cable tray insulation, and extreme low temperature containers heat insulation wrap, etc..

The products are supplied in fabric, tape, sleeve/ tubing, yarn, etc..

Item Technical data
Color White
Al2O3+SiO2 ≥96%
Al2O3 ≥45%
Fe2O3 ≤1.2%
Fiber diameter 2~4μm
Bulk density 300~700kg/m3
Moisture ≤1.0%
Thermal conductivity 0.119~0.131 w/m.k (300oC)
0.168~0.198 w/m.k (1000oC)
0.128~0.159 w/m.k (600oC)
Heating linear shrinkage ≤3.5% (1000oCx3 hrs)
High-temp loss on lgnition ≤20%
Reinforced material Service temperature Fiberglass yarn Up to 450oC Stainless steel wire Up to 1000oC
Acid-resistance 50% (72 hours in 10% H2SO4 reagent)
Alkali-resistance 50% (72 hours in 10% NaOH reagent)