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Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic Fiber Paper

Ceramic fiber paper is manufactured from high purity alumino-silicate fibrous wool and bonded by binder, suitable for high temperature insulating, sealing, protecting material for industry; Electric and thermal insulation for electric industry; Insulation for instrument-equipment and insulating material for motor industry, etc., with properties of low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal electrical insulation and breaking resistance.

Features of ceramic fiber paper

  • Excellent flexible and easy to cut capability.
  • High quality of flexility and tear resistance, erosion resistance.
  • Asbestos free.
  • Low thermal conductivity.
  • Low heat storage.
  • High quality of insulation and sound insulation.
  • Easiness of mechanical processing.
  • Tough texture and high quality of compression resistance.

Specifications of ceramic fiber paper

Classification temperature oC 1260
Working temperature oC 1000
Density Kg/m3 200+/-15
Thermal conductivity by mean temp. (W/m.k)  (Density 200kg/m3) 200 oC 0.075-0.085
400 oC 0.115-0.121
600 oC 0.165-0.175
Organic content (%) 6-8
Chemical content (%) Al2O3 45-46
Al2O3 + SiO2 51-52
ZrO2 -
Size  Length 20m, 40m
Width 0.61m, 1.22m
Thickness 1mm, 2mm, 3mm

Application rage of ceramic fiber paper

  • Insulation, seal and safety materials for industrial need.
  • Insulation and heat insulation materials for electrica thermal equipments.
  • Insulation and heat insulation for equipments and electro thermal components.
  • Heat insulation materials for automobile.