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Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic Fiber Blanket Line

The ceramic fiber blanket is manufactured from high purity alumino-silicate fibrous wool, and free of any asbestos, suitable for insulating material of high temperature tubes, the material of wall lines and back lines of industrial furnace, the sealing and insulating material of expanded gaps of furnace wall, furnace door, furnace top lid, ect., with properties of flexible and easy to install, low thermal conductivity, good tensile strength, chemical stability and light weight, etc..

The wool is non-combustible.

Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Property of ceramic fiber blanket:

  • Double needled blanket;
  • Light weight;
  • Excellent chemical stability;
  • Excellent thermal stability;
  • Excellent tensile strength;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Low shrinkage and heat storage;
  • Resilience and resistance to thermal shock;
  • Flexible and easy to cut or install;
  • Without organic binder and Asbestos free.

Ceramic fiber blanket spec.

Classification Temp(oC) 1260 1400
Chemical Composition Al2O3 % 44-45 45-46 47-49 39-40 47-51
SiO2 % 51-52 51-52 50-52 44-45 44-46
ZrO2 % - - - 15-17 4-5
Density(kg/m3) 96±10 / 128±15
Shrinkage on heating (%) 1000oC 1100oC 1400oC 1280oC
x24hrs x24hrs x24hrs x24hrs
≤-3 ≤-3 ≤-4 ≤-3
Thermal Conductivity
(Mean Temp.500oC)
≤0.153 (W/m.K)
Standard Size 7200 x 600 x 25mm; 3600 x 600 x 50mm
7200 x 610 x 25mm; 3600 x 610 x 50mm

Typical application of ceramic fiber blanket.

  • Wall lining and back lining of industrial furnaces;
  • Boiler insulations;
  • Heat treatment temperature control;
  • Glass furnace crown insulation;
  • Furnace door seals;
  • Duct linings and Pipe insulations;
  • Insulation of the shell of precision casting;
  • Insulation of the roller of heating furnaces;
  • Insulation of petrochemical heating furnaces;
  • Insulating materials of high-temperature equipment;
  • Fire protection;
  • Materials for hot filtration;
  • Steam turbine and nuclear insulation.
Mat Application
Batt Application