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Mineral Wool / Rockwool Pipe Sections

Overview of our Rockwool Pipe Cover

Rockwool wool pipe is made of artificial abio-fiber. We take the selected basalt as the main material, with recycled mineral slag, and melt the material in high temperature furnace, by high speed centrifugal equipment, the fibers come into being. We get the rockwool finally from the fiber line. And then process into pipe covers by 100% manual work. Manual work ensures density consistency of pipes from one end to the other, and improve Eccentricity, with identical wall thickness, which is not easy to control by many manufacturers.

Mineral Wool Pipe Sections
Mineral Wool Pipe Sections
Application of our Rockwool Pipe Sections

Rockwool pipes are suitable for thermal insulation of piping works operating up to 650oC, and used in air-conditioning systems, flange and central-heating. Also be ideal for enhancing sound absorption of pipelines in conditions where liquids, air or solid particles are transported through the pipelines at high velocities.

Each section has a kerf for easy installation.

Features of our Rockwool Pipe Cover
  • Light weight;
  • Low thermal conductivity;
  • Good sound absorption;
  • Non-Combustible;
  • Good chemical stability etc.
Availability of Mineral Wool Pipe Sections
  • Inside Diameter: 12.7 ~ 850 mm;
  • Thickness: 25 ~ 300 mm;
  • Length: 1000 mm;
  • Density: 100 ~ 180 kg/m3

Thermal conductivity (typical figure)

Mean Temp (oC) 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400
K-value (W/mK) 0.037 0.042 0.049 0.057 0.066 0.080 0.094 0.107
Other Data (typical figure)
  • Eccentricity: approx 2;
  • Shot Content (Dia. of Shot Over 0.25mm): approx 5.2%;
  • Heat Load Shrinkage Temp.: 670oC;
  • Average Dia. of Fiber Filament: approx 4.2 ┬Ám
  • Combustibility: Incombustible;
  • Organism Substance: approx 2.8%

Mineral Wool Pipe Sections are incombustible. And can be water-repellent or non-hygroscopic (customer-made).

Rockwool Pipe Cover is neutral (PH 7) or slightly alkaline. It will not normally support the growth of molds, fungi and bacteria.

Regarding the facing, generally, the pipes are plain, but aluminium foil is available. If you have any other requirements, we can do accordingly.

Packing: polybag or carton.