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Foam Glass Block and Brick

In special cellular structure of numerous closed cells, foam glass is one of the best material to be used for low temperature heat insulation, with properties of light weight, low thermal conductivity, non-moisture absorbing, nonflammable, resistance to all chemical corrosive materials with exception of hydrogen fluoride, can be used in harsh conditions of extremely low temperature, underground, open-air, inflammatory, moist and corrosive.

Foam Glass Block

Foam glass is mainly made from glass, mixed with foaming agent, in a process of heating and roasting in tunnel furnace, then annealed into bulk blocks, and cut into bricks or blocks in our sandard dimension.

Foam glass is also an excellent material for fire and vibration proof.

Typical application includes petrochemical industry, cold storage, underground engineering, ship-building and defence works as permanent heat insulation and cold preservation material.

Density of foam glass

We supply two types of blocks:

  • High Density - 150 kg/m3
  • Low Density - 120, 130 kg/m3

And we supply much more High Density blocks as building insulation material to the market in America and Europe.

Standard Dimension of foam glass blocks

  • High Density:
    • 610mm (24 inch) x 470mm (18.5 inch)
    • Thickness: Max 160 mm ( 6.3 inch)
  • Low Density:
    • 610mm (24 inch) x 460mm (18.1 inch)
    • Thickness: Max 180 mm ( 7.1 inch)

Technical data for Foam Glass Blocks

High Density Foam Glass


Items Unit Testing Method or Condition Standard Requirement Test Data Conclusion
Density Kg/m3 JC/T647–2005
Appendix A
<=160 153 Certified
Thermal Conductivity W/m.K GB/T10297–1998
<=0.062 0.0587 Certified
Compressive Strength Mpa GB/T5486.2-2001 >=0.4 0.84 Certified
Bending Strength Mpa GB/T5486.2-2001 >=0.4 0.90 Certified
Bulk Water Absorption % JC/T647–2005
Appendix B
<=0.5 0.20 Certified

Low Density Foam Glass

Items Test Method or Condition Standard Value or Requirement Test Value
Density (kg/m3) JC/T647-2005 Addenda A ≤140 123
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.k) GB/T10294-1988 (25oC) ≤0.050 0.0455
GB/T10295-1988 (10oC) / 0.0436
GB/T10295-1988 (-50oC) / 0.0437
Compressive Strength (MPa) GB/T5486.2- 2001 Normal Temp ≥0.4 0.82
300oC -48 hrs / 0.70
-196oC-Steep 48 hrs / 0.65
Temperature Resistance
300oC -48 hrs, no rupture, no deformation / 300
-196oC - Steep 48 hrs, no rupture, no deformation / -196
Cl-(%) JC/T618-2005
Lg((Cl-+F-))x104) ≤ 0.188+0.655lg((SiO2-3+Na)x104)
Be suitable for insulation cover on Austenitic stainless steel 0.0055
F-(%) Nothing separated
SiO2-3 (%) 0.09
Na(%) 0.033